Carousel Horses



When I go to a theme park I head straight for the roller coasters. Those with the most twists, flips, and turns are my favorite – the faster the better. But I don’t consider those high speed monsters my favorite. The beautiful and serene carousel holds a special place in my heart as there is nothing quite as magical as the carousel horse.

Carousels may not be fast but they have a thrill all their own. They have the ability to transport me back to a time that I have never been, when a ride on the carousel was the anticipated excitement at a country fair. Then, back to my own childhood memories of riding my favorite carousel, reaching for the gold ring.

Choosing a different horse for every ride is an experience all its own. Each a magnificent work of art making one more beautiful than the next.  And the music!  With a distinct sound all its own, hearing it makes it impossible to hold back a smile.



Sometimes a “horse” is not a horse.

All of these photos are of the Long Island “Nunley’s” carousel. Created in 1912 this beautiful carousel was the center attraction at “Nunley’s Amusements” in Baldwin, NY from 1940 to 1995. After being dismantled and beautifully restored it was moved to a new location in 2009 and is now housed in its own building at The Cradle of Aviation Museum” in Garden City, NY.

A true local gem it’s a must visit for everyone of any age who loves carousels. When visiting be sure to ask them to set up the rings for the complete experience.  For more information about the Nunley’s carousel please visit The Cradle Of Aviation Museum Website.



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