Gorgeous Glacier Bay

Breathtaking is possibly the only word that an accurately describe Glacier Bay, Alaska. Standing in front of these amazing ice formations, breathing in the cold, crisp, pristine air I was completely awed by how colorful ice can be.

Although I would describe Glacier Bay as serene it was far from quiet. Loud rumbles erupted every few minutes as huge chunks of ice would cascade into the water below. I quickly realized that I was watching the landscape change forever as the glacier was slowly disappearing before my eyes.

Huge splash erupts as chunks of ice fall into the water

The terrain I saw As I left was noticibly different than what was there when I arrived only a short time earlier. How long will it be before these beautiful glaciers have all dissolved into chunks and floated away to sea.

Ice, once part of the glacier, melt and float away

This post is part of the 2017 A-Z Blogging Challenge!


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