Spooky – Ghosted on The Queen Mary

I have never had a ghostly encounter or paranormal experience. Well, not exactly. However, I believe I was ghosted during my stay on The Queen Mary.

When presented with the opportunity to spend the night aboard the beautiful and historic Queen Mary how could I resist? The fact that it is know as “the second most haunted hotel” made this opportunity even more intriguing!

Beautiful, historic, and SPOOKY are words I would use. Stepping inside was like going back in time to the days of the luxury steam ships of the 1930s. Darks woods, ornate carpets and curtains all added to the somewhat eerie atmosphere. (And the selection of ghost stories and tours just fuled my trepedation and curiosity).

Excited to explore the ship’s paranormal hot spots, I selected a tour and grabbed my camera. (Maybe I would capture an unexpected sighting in a photo?) What happened next seemed insignificant at the time but I was to learn it’s ghostly significance some time later.

My camera refused to work. The shutter would not release and the flash would not ignite. Odd since it had been working just hours earlier outside and everything about it was in working order. Disappointing but I enjoyed the tour none the less.

Besides some eerie and spooky moments my stay on The Queen Mary was ghost sighting free. However, when researching reports of paranormal activity aboard the ship weeks after my stay I found numerous accounts of visitors who said their digital cameras mysteriously stopped working.

By the way, my camera worked perfectly as soon as I was off the ship and it has not given me any trouble since…

I love to hear ghost stories and paranormal encounters! Have you ever been ghosted? Please share your stories.

This post is part of the 2017 A-Z Blogging Challenge!


4 thoughts on “Spooky – Ghosted on The Queen Mary

  1. I have never seen a ghost either, but I did have an interesting experience in a supposedly haunted AirBNB once. This same screw kept appearing in the same spot on the floor despite me moving it away… My wife also heard footsteps in the night… I wrote about it for letter “g”.

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