Vulnerable Beauty

Photo credit: Lloyd Amsterdam

What was once vibrant and lively is now quiet and alone.
Weathered and weakened by time.
Its vibrant past kept alive by memories.

At present it is vulnerable.
Providing a mysterious glimpse into the past
which is beautiful in a completely different way.

The Red Apple Rest was a popular rest stop along “Route 17” on way to the New York Catskills area hotels.  As air travel became easier and more mainstream vacationers could travel further for their get-aways and the local hotel destinations became less popular. What may have hurt the Red Apple Rest the most was the creation of the New York State Thruway a faster route, and more direct roadway. The building remains frozen in time and remains volunerable. How long will it be until  “progress” seals it’s fate.

This post is part of the 2017 A-Z Blogging Challenge!


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