Underneath, hidden from view Diminished for conformity Crushed under the weight of expectation Though concealed, it is there To hide it does not mean it does not exist Covering it will not change what was meant to be The facade may be beautiful but what’s hidden beneath may be extraordinary What looks the best may… Continue reading Facade

Hesitant Beauty

Neatly stacked, orderly, arranged A haphazard design Creating art within art Each piece¬†a design Together a mosaic Demanding a closer look Was this design ¬†planned or created by chance Was it meant to be enjoyed Or simply placed by means of necessity Beauty is often unexpected This post is part of the 2017 A-Z Blogging… Continue reading Hesitant Beauty

Faces of Fearless

Fearlessness can show itself in many different ways. It should never be judged by the danger of the undertaking or the scope of which it covers. Big or small, it’s completing what appears to be impossible that leads to great feelings accomplishment. What appears small may be a huge achievement when it is outside one’s… Continue reading Faces of Fearless