Through the Glass

Although the view from the inside looking out may be beautiful, to fully enjoy the experience is is best to immerse yourself fully.  This post is part of Blogging University Photo 102 – Developing Your Eye, Assignment 7: “Glass” – Interact with a Surface Advertisements

Capture The Wonder

The beauty of nature’s colors, textures, curves and lines – an experience not only for the eyes but for the heart. Capture the wonder, savor and preserve it for the world is forever changing and never the same twice. This post is part of Blogging University Photo 102 – Discover your eye. Assignment 4: “Natural… Continue reading Capture The Wonder

The Unknown Possibilities

  Daily walks are very important to me. Early mornings are my favorite – the air feels lighter and everything looks fresh and vibrant. Surrounding me a symphony is unfolding as the day awakens giving me the opportunity to, once again, see a new beginning emerge as the sun rises and a new day is… Continue reading The Unknown Possibilities

A Fantasy of Flavor

A fantasy of flavors A Carnival of colors A Mix, A Melange So inviting, so intriguing You don’t know where to look Or how to decide A time to enjoy A reason to indulge An excuse to savor the moment This post is part of Blogging University #introtopoetry – “Flavor”