Solitude in the Snow

Snow has a way of making even the most populated places feel desolate. A perfect time to stop and enjoy the quiet calm before the solitude melts away. This post is part of WordPress Blogging University-Photo101′ project #5 “Solitude”  

Water’s Beauty

I recently went kayaking for the first time. It wasn’t a surprise that, for me, there was very little paddling involved and most of the time I spent just drifting on the lake enjoying the water and photographing all that was around me. There is nothing more calming than a beautiful water view. This post… Continue reading Water’s Beauty

What Always Brings Me Home

I cannot imagine not living near the beach. Breathing the salty air and hearing the rustle of the waves along the shore instantly transforms me back to the beautiful Long Island beaches I love. Whenever I am away, all I need to do is see the ocean and the beach brings me home.   This post is part… Continue reading What Always Brings Me Home