What Always Brings Me Home

I cannot imagine not living near the beach. Breathing the salty air and hearing the rustle of the waves along the shore instantly transforms me back to the beautiful Long Island beaches I love. Whenever I am away, all I need to do is see the ocean and the beach brings me home.   This post is part… Continue reading What Always Brings Me Home

Dogs and Snow

   Nothing can bring joy to a snowstorm like a dog. From the moment they step outside the piles of snow appear to magically ignite all of their senses.  Immediately their faces light up at the sight and smell of their new white wonderland. They want to run through any amount of snow that lays… Continue reading Dogs and Snow

Carousel Horses

  When I go to a theme park I head straight for the roller coasters. Those with the most twists, flips, and turns are my favorite – the faster the better. But I don’t consider those high speed monsters my favorite. The beautiful and serene carousel holds a special place in my heart as there… Continue reading Carousel Horses