Vulnerable Beauty

Photo credit: Lloyd Amsterdam What was once vibrant and lively is now quiet and alone. Weathered and weakened by time. Its vibrant past kept alive by memories. At present it is vulnerable. Providing a mysterious glimpse into the past which is beautiful in a completely different way. The Red Apple Rest was a popular rest… Continue reading Vulnerable Beauty

Trusting Eyes of a Cat

The trusting eyes of a cat Always there but not always expressed Revealed when they know it is needed Hidden when they know you are asking Always there but not always expressed They appear aloof but are always watching Hidden when they know you are asking Cats know when to be by your side They… Continue reading Trusting Eyes of a Cat

Spooky – Ghosted on The Queen Mary

I have never had a ghostly encounter or paranormal experience. Well, not exactly. However, I believe I was ghosted during my stay on The Queen Mary. When presented with the opportunity to spend the night aboard the beautiful and historic Queen Mary how could I resist? The fact that it is know as “the second… Continue reading Spooky – Ghosted on The Queen Mary


How often is it the little things that we take for granted are the things we are most grateful for? Those who are closest to you that bring joy to your life. Beautiful things that we see so often they are no longer noticed or simply fade into the background. These recycle bins reminded me… Continue reading Responsible