Waiting For The Feast 

On a well positioned perch with a view, these seagulls patiently wait for the opportunity to swoop down, grab a bite, sneak a snack. These birds are experts when it comes to grabbing any food you may leave behind or sneaking a sample without your knowledge or permission. Then, once they have been successful, they will go and tell all their friends to join them.

Friend or Foe?

When I captured this photo of two seagulls on the pier in Oceanside, CA my focus was on the view inside the lens. At the time I didn’t put much thought into what the birds were doing or how they were interacting. Now, after looking at their eyes and analyzing their stance and posture, I wonder if these birds were greeting each or their or telling each other to “go away”. Are they friends or foes, rivals for obtaining a specific goal, or just two birds sharing the rocky coast of the beautiful ocean below?  Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

This post is part of Blogging University Photo 102 Developing Your Eye – Assignment 9 “Double”