Bountiful Beauty

Appreciate the beauty in a single flower
The pure yet complex color
Enhanced by the richness of nature’s backdrop
Appreciate the simple complexity of a single flower
Many parts blended as one coming together
Forming natural beauty






August Blooms

Late days of summer
August blooms
Bursts of color holding on to every bit of sunshine
Before arrival of the Autumn chill that changes summer to winter
August blooms
Here to remind us to enjoy the moment
Every day

The Unknown Possibilities


Burst of Color

Daily walks are very important to me. Early mornings are my favorite – the air feels lighter and everything looks fresh and vibrant. Surrounding me a symphony is unfolding as the day awakens giving me the opportunity to, once again, see a new beginning emerge as the sun rises and a new day is created. What lies ahead is an endless opportunity for something new. Like flowers blooming after they have been hidden from sight, secretly creating a magnificent bouquet that only time and patience can create. Maybe it’s because I find the unknown exciting but I feel inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead.

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