Latte Love

A heart perched on top of steaming white foam
Like a cloud of comfort with my morning brew
Swirles of White within the richness of the darker tones
A beautiful view to accompany the steam of coffee aroma
That drifts up to welcome the start of a new day


A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018 Theme Reveal – “Wonder”

We wonder what’s outside
We wonder what’s within
What we don’t know is a mystery
And what we know can be a mystery as well

When you look too closely
You miss the things you cannot see
Many things become clear
When you are not looking at all

When you can see the wonder
You can see the whole

A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018 – Theme Reveal! Every day for the month of April, I will be posting in alphabetical order with photos and words within the theme of “Wonder”. This is my 4th year participating – please stop by and follow along!