Tears in a Puddle


Tears in a puddle
Unseen sorrow
Masked and hidden
Covered by a shroud of denial

Cry in the rain
Beads of water mix with drops of tears
Wash away the truth
Leave what will be believed

Under the thick covering of leaves
Lies unearthed beauty
Wanting to be recognized
Longing to be seen

Truth is what is hidden
Deeper than the surface
What we cannot easily be see
Like tears in a puddle


Moment Preserved

A still moment in time
Secured forever, never changing
Evoking a memory
Bringing a smile
Or maybe a tear
Forever lasting
A moment preserved

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Behind the Window – 2019 A-Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal

Oheka Castke, Huntington, NY

Behind the window an ever changing view
Behind the curtain an uncertain discovery
What will be seen
What will be found
The wonder of a new day

A-Z Blog Challenge 2019! 

This year I will take you on a journey of “Photos and (sometimes bad) Poetry”. You never know what the day will bring. Every day for the month of April join me as we work our way through the alphabet!